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Store Policy

At Rooty Plant Hub, we want to give our customers the most enjoyable shopping experience, one that will keep them coming back to our store time and time again. That’s why we believe that our store policies should be fair, clear and transparent. Below you’ll find a list of all our policies. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for - please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Image by Annie Spratt

Shipping Policy


Depending on the volume of sales, which is typically rather large, our current fulfillment time is at most 2 weeks from the acceptance of your purchase. You should receive your plant no later than two weeks after placing your order, barring extreme temperatures. The top of the website is always where the upcoming shipping dates are announced. One of these dates will see the shipping of your order. Within the EU, the ordinary shipping period typically lasts 3–7 working days. Please see our Shipping section below for information on specific destinations. We will notify you right away in the event of bank holidays, extreme temperature swings, or if we cannot send.

We only ship to countries in the EU and Switzerland at this time.

Please see the anticipated delivery timeframes below for further information. The delivery period will depend on the nation you are in. Although foliage factory makes every effort to fulfill your order by the deadline, we cannot be held liable for delays caused by events beyond our control or those connected with the shipping company. If there is an unforeseen delay, we will try our best to let you know about it and provide a fix.

As soon as the package has been posted, you will receive your tracking number along with your shipping confirmation.


We do not ship if the temperatures are under 5°C or over 26°C. If the day or night temperatures are outside of this range, we will postpone your order until they have improved. ​ You can always request a shipping delay, if you would rather that the plants are shipped when the temperatures improve or if you are worried that temperatures in your area may influence the condition of the plants. We are happy to hold on to your purchase for as long as needed. ​

All of the plants are thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and trimmed if necessary before being dispatched.
All plants are shipped in nursery pots that can be used again, with their roots still in the soil they were grown in. The medium is wrapped to prevent spills and all the plants are securely fastened so they can't move around inside the container. Plants that need higher humidity will be transported in an enclosed container to maintain a high humidity level.


If the packing is broken when it arrives, kindly take thorough images of it and submit them to us as soon as you can after you receive the package. Please review our Terms & Conditions and Return Policy.


Please be aware that the shipment time estimate only applies to shipping. Unless the aforementioned temperatures are outside of range, our current fulfillment time is no more than 2 weeks from the order receipt. The top of the website is always where the upcoming shipping dates are announced. One of these dates will see the shipping of your order. ​

Shipping is free on all purchases over €200.

Return Policy


Only well-cared-for and healthy plants are shipped by us. ​ If for whatever reason the plant you receive looks unhealthy or does not meet your expectations, we will be happy to receive its return and issue a full refund, or replace it (stock allowing) no questions asked.


Our warranty period is 14 days. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you with a refund or a replacement after 14 days have passed since your purchase. ​ You must inform us as soon as possible after receiving your order if you are unhappy with it for any reason. Depending on the circumstance, we may ask you to return it, give you a refund, or send you replacement plants.

Send us an email at with your order number, a picture, and a note that includes a description if you want to return a product. Simply so that we don't miss it, it is crucial that we are told when the package is returned to us. The cost of return postage is your obligation. Please be aware that you won't get your original shipping expenses back. We will issue any refunds we make back to the payment method you used to make the purchase. ​ Your item must not have been used (no roots, stems, or leaves removed, plant must be in the same substrate we sent it in, and no chemical treatments have been given to the plant) and in the same condition that you received it in order to be eligible for a return or exchange.

After we get the plant, which must be returned to us in its original packing, your refund will be handled. Your original mode of payment will be used to refund the amount. Please be aware that the payment provider, not us, is responsible for the delay of up to 7 working days before the money appears in your account. ​ Upon receiving the returned item, we only give complete refunds; we do not issue any partial refunds. See the material below for more details. ​


However, if the plant you received does not live up to your expectations in any way, we will be pleased to accept its return and send you a replacement plant. We do not provide partial refunds for: snapped leaves, tears and yellowing foliage, broken-off or snapped roots. Due to accounting and tax considerations, partial refunds are not permitted under our policy. We are also confident that we can revive a returned plant once we receive it. ​ Sending us a note with your problems will allow us to offer you some advise on how to restart your plant.

Please take pictures of the damaged packing and the plant as soon as possible after receiving it and send them to our email at within 24 hours of receiving your delivery if the plant has suffered severe shipping damage as a result of blatant package mishandling or a shipment delay. Any issues will be resolved as quickly as we can, we promise. All of our packages have insurance. We will try our best to replace the plant (if stock permits) or refund the plant's purchase price if it is seriously damaged during transport. ​ Please be aware that plants, which are living things, may exhibit slight signs of stress or cosmetic harm following transit.

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